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Use Cases

Marketplace Technologies

We make entrepreneurs start their Sharing Economy platform quickly, go to market and validate their idea in a short time.

Marketplaces in Sharing Economy

The sharing economy allows people to easily access to products and services from someone else through an internet platform, on a peer-to-peer (C2C), B2C and B2B basis. A two-sided marketplace in the field of sharing economy allows you to connect people in an online platform, and also to build and manage a community.

We Empower Your Ideas

VQ Labs supports varied sharing economy use cases and enables you to have your own online marketplace that fits into your business model as well as your industry.


Buy & Sell goods / services


Rentals & Bookings


Knowledge & Talent sharing

Ready-to-go Solution

We provide you with a marketplace solution that will make you go market fast, collect feedback and validate your business idea.

Easily customize

No developers needed. No code skills needed. Build and easily manage your brand through Admin dashboard.

Fast time to market

We encourage you to go market, explore their customers and validate their ideas instead of spending time on building a product which might not work.

Cost effective

Start with the core, spend little. We understand your need and demand, and offer you the most relevant solution.


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