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Marketplace Technologies

We empower entrepreneurs with solutions in sharing economy. VQ Labs builds your online marketplace and turns your idea into reality.

We Master Sharing Economy

What is Sharing Economy?:
The sharing economy allows people to easy access to products and services from someone else through an internet platform, usually on a peer-to-peer basis. Some of the most noteworthy businesses are AirBnB, BlaBlaCar, TaskRabbit, Etsy and Uber.

What VQ Labs offers?:
Launch your own custom marketplace and connect your users with VQ-Marketplace or provide your users with personalized offers and increase the user engagement with VQ-AI.

No developers needed

Simple to customize

Robust technology

Configurable booking scenarios

99.8% Uptime

Smart recommendations for users

Marketplace Platform

Start-up your marketplace

Marketplace AI

Scale your Marketplace

We Empower Your Ideas

You have an idea for the next big thing, but need help in technology? We takeover the technology for you so that you can focus on the business side. Our robust technology supports varied sharing economy usecases and enables you to have your own online marketplace that fits into your business model.

✔ Buy & sell goods/services

✔ Crowdfunding

✔ Space rental

✔ Event bookings

✔ Knowledge and talent-sharing

✔ Ridesharing and carsharing

✔ Social business

✔ Special needs

Why VQ Labs?

We Are Flexible

We support every possible booking scenarios including an auction model (more than one buyer for a listing) that we can implement to your peer-to-peer marketplace platform for you. We also offer you the best solution that suits your budget.

We Grow Together

Not only do we provide you with the technology you need, but we become your Partner. From the beginning until you leave us, we share our experiences in Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces (C2C) with you to help you have a market-fit, validated product.

We Are Smart

Our technology is highly scalable and secure, capable of handling high traffic scenarios. We integrate Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence into our solutions to get you understand your users better as well as increase your revenue. Read more.


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