Rent specialized equipment on-demand

We enable construction companies and local municipalities to share complex heavy machinery between each other to minimize fixed costs and maximize utilization of the capital assets.

In the construction industry, heavy equipment such as bulldozers, diggers, and earth movers sit idle about 70% of the time

Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) (2015).



Logistics Industry

Inside every warehouse is a dedicated fleet of forklifts, pallet movers, and complex material handling equipment ready for use by logistics operators during working hours. Unless they are in a 3-shift, 24/7 functioning warehouse, these fleets are bound to sit idle for one or two shifts per day, as well as entire weekends. During these hours, the idle assets could be rented out to warehouse-club style retailers such as IKEA, Wal-Mart, OBI and similar. Here logistics providers not only offer the value of market access through the platform, but can also provide advice, leveraging extensive experience and knowledge about transporting complex equipment between locations in a cost-effective way.

Oil & Gas Industry

In the oil and gas industry, the combination of a sharing platform, business model and extensive logistics industry knowledge would allow complex drilling equipment, earth movers, and similar heavy machinery to be shared between neighboring companies at unprecedented scale. The business model would generate new revenue in the form of rental fees for the asset owner, increased volumes to logistics providers for complex transports, and lower fixed costs for operators.


Our Solution


VQ-Marketplace Platform can run in our public cloud or be hosted on your in-house server infrastructure. We work with our best partners and industry experts bring the safety and scalibility to your own private cloud.


RESTful API and full front-end code control. Our technology is completely open-sourced which means that in the end, you are always in control. You can run it with your agencies you already work with or engage other partners for seamless integration with every service you wish.


We run an internal ecosystem/network of Solution Engineers, front-end developers, designers,and technical concierges. Your dedicated Merchant Success Manager provides insider guidance to the platform. Plus, 24/7 priority support means you’re never in it alone.

One-on-one help and consulting

Our technology comes in different editions and is broadly configurable. We research and analyze how can the technology increase the customer engagement in your company.

Our Mission

Looking ahead, observing the abundance of idle assets, infrastructure, and knowledge, sharing instead of owning will become the new normal. VQ LABS can be one of the core drivers of this development. From helping people to share their products and services, to using innovative sharing platforms to fully utilize business networks and assets, together we can achieve new levels of efficiency and value creation.

Adrian Barwicki
VQ LABS, Founder

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