Let your employees focus on
what they do best

A solution that will prevent managers from making big mistakes and make employees more efficient in what they do.

Employee Engagement is the key to Business Success

"Factors Most Likely to Bring Success" from The Impact of Employee Engagement on Performance - a report by Harvard Business review analytic services (Importance top box scores (8–10) for all respondents).


Let your employees follow their interest

The biggest mistake that a manager can do is assign tasks to employees whose skillsets and interests simply do not align with the tasks, This mistake is something that not only can lead to poor performance, but will without a doubt have a negative impact on employee motivation

If you want your employees to stay as engaged as possible, you need to allow them to focus on their skills and follow their interests. Over time, you will build up a team of individuals that are experts in their own areas.

Give Your Employees Visibility

Giving your employees visibility within your company can have a huge impact on their levels of engagement. This is often what makes employees feel more "connected" to their job and highly motivated, which brings an increased inclusion to the company.


Allow Personal Enrichment & Development

The workday can sometimes be long and it can be difficult for some employees to get the time they need to work on personal enrichment. Most people are interested in learning new skills, so why not give your employees time to learn and improve themselves? Allow your employees to explore something new and to work on something they are passionate about, even if it is not work-related. Though it may seem as if you are losing time by doing this, in the end, you will create a more comfortable environment for your employees, which will lead to more engaged staff and more innovative ideas.

Our Solution

We provide you with a marketplace solution that will allow your employees to broadcast the areas that they would like to work on and connect and match them to managers and other teams in your company that seek support.

Employees broadcast their current interest

Managers are matched with suitable candidates for the project

Employees are matched with in-house projects that fit their skills and interests


VQ-Marketplace Platform can run on our public cloud or be hosted on your in-house server infrastructure. We work with our best partners and industry experts to bring the safety and scalability to your own private cloud.


RESTful API and full front-end code control. Our technology is completely open-sourced which means that in the end, you are always in control. You can run it with the agencies that you already work with or engage other partners for seamless integration with every service you desire.


We run an internal ecosystem/network of Solution Engineers, front-end developers, designers and technical concierges. Your dedicated Merchant Success Manager provides insider guidance about the platform. Plus, 24/7 priority support means you’re never in it alone.

One-on-one help and consulting

Our technology comes in different editions and is broadly configurable. We research and analyze how the technology can increase the customer engagement in your company.

Our Mission

Looking ahead, observing the abundance of idle assets, infrastructure, and knowledge, sharing instead of owning will become the new normal. VQ LABS can be one of the core drivers of this development. From helping people to share their products and services, to using innovative sharing platforms to fully utilize business networks and assets, together we can achieve new levels of efficiency and value creation.

Adrian Barwicki
VQ LABS, Founder

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