Marketplace Features

We want to spread Sharing Economy and we want to empower non-technical entepreneurs to start their own Sharing Economy marketplace!


Fast setup, no commitments.

You can start your marketplace right away in a matter of minutes and without any commitments. Your marketplace is for free until a certain amount of users. We believe that the value for your startup is not in the technology, but in the community that you build with the technology.

No programming skills needed

We take care of the technology, you build your Sharing Economy business. We want to empower those without programming knowledge and make anyone easily start their Sharing Economy business.


Build your brand

Easily build and manage your marketplace through Admin dashboard and provide your users with a customized marketplace with your own concept.

Easy to monetize

Our payment system supports 190+ countries and 25+ currencies. Set up a payment for your marketplace within few minutes and charge a transaction fee from providers.


You can leave us whenever you want

Our code is open source in Github and you can import and export the data. We offer trainings on how to set up the code on your own.

Works in any language you wish

VQ-Marketplace works all over the world. Our platform is available in any languages and you can configure each label in the marketplace accordingly.


Other features

Marketplace Types

You need a marketplace where your users could buy/book and sell/offer services? We enable you to provide them a marketplace where your users easily will be able to interact each other.

Facebook Login

You can allow your users to either signup with their email address, or with their facebook account.


Your users will be able to add details, geolocation, price, date, duration and images to their listings. Additionally, listings have public discussion where users can comment or discuss on the specific listing.


Allow your users to browse, filter and search items. Your users can browse listings as a list, grid or map. It is possible to filter items based on their location, category name and price.

Booking Calendar

We provide you with booking calendar that will make your users specify the listing's availability, which is shown to users in the listing's calendar.


The users have their own verified profile page with their preferences, short biography, picture, and ratings and reviews.

Booking Scenarios

We support different booking scenarios for your Marketplace. Listings can have many requests and many bookings, many requests but one booking, or one request and one booking.

Custom Pages

We enable you to integrate custom pages and websites into your marketplace so that you can enrich your marketing.

Ratings & Review

The users will be able to rate and leave reviews to the listings.


Your users can connect with each other through chat. The users will have their own inbox inside the marketplace, which helps them keep track of their orders.

Email notifications

Your platform sends automated emails, of which you can configure the content.

Different user types

As a marketplace owner, you will be able to allow your users choose either one role - buyer/seller - or two roles - buyer & seller in the marketplace.

Admin Dashboard

Easily configure and manage your marketplace and build your brand through admin dashboard.


We integrate Google Analytics into your marketplace so that you have a broader view of what is happening in the platform and optimize it accordingly.

Pricing Scenarios

Make your users create listings with differetn pricing scenarios. Price per hour, per listing or on request.