Grow your business

Use VQ-Marketplace solution for your next project, earn a share in the revenue.

Marketplace solution for your clients

We provide web developers and designers with a white label Marketplace solution that they can use in their next projects. VQ Labs supports different Marketplace use cases that your clients might wish to launch. From buying, renting and selling products to booking services and talent sharing, we have a solution that covers them all.

You have a client who would like to start an online Marketplace?
We give you access to our Marketplace solution so that you will be able to work on it and do the implementation yourself. While take over the hosting and maintenance, you can focus on your project. In the meantime, we won’t leave you stranded since we provide you with full support to master the solution, realize your project and save time.


We Support, You Grow

Support from the beginning

You will have initial support from one of our developers on both architecture and the integration of our solution. Later on, you will continuously receive support from us through our knowledge base and will always be able to contact us for any questions and help regarding our codebase.

Grow your business

By using VQ-Marketplace solution, not only will you deliver what your clients want from you, but you will also gain a new speciality in your portfolio, which means more projects for you. Promote your brand with your new knowledge, attract new clients and increase your leads.

Increase your revenue

1. Become a partner

Fill in your information, become our partner and use our "VQ-Marketplace" solution during your project.

2. Get Support

You will receive our full support package for 50€ monthly and will gain access to our knowledge base.

3. Receive commission

Apart from getting the full implementation cost from your client, you will also receive 20% of our monthly hosting cost.